Pressure Washing Dallas and all the DFW area

Professional Team

We are Owner Operated so we are really focused in our quality and your satisfaction!

Quality Washing

We have the equipment needed to manage all your exterior cleaning needs

Cost Effective

There is no need to replace or repaint! We can bring back the shine in your surfaces!


It's not old
It's Mold!

Who are we?

Welcome To
Maverick Pressure Washing

We Service Both Commercial and Residential Customers in and around the Dallas area. We are willing and able to handle large accounts with multiple locations spread across the DFW area.
Insured & Certified
Maverick Pressure Washing LLC is a residential and commercial exterior cleaning company located in Dallas. We use low pressure techniques to safely remove algae, dirt, and other grime from your buildings exterior.
We offer unparalleled quality, speed of service, and customer satisfaction.
Give us a call and figure out why so many have chosen Maverick Pressure Washing LLC.

Why us?:

  • We Are Insured
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Low & High Pressure
  • Industry Leading Technique and Equipment

The Most Cost Effective to Renew your Property


Don't Replace, Clean!

No need to Paint, Coat, or Replace your Concrete Surfaces.
We can Wash them and make them clean again!
No Dust, no Wait!


Old Vinyl Siding?

Not any more! Siding protects and gives the first looks of your home! Why paint it? If you are not changing the color!


Stained Roof?

Safely Removable with Softwash
No need to replace, but keeping it clean, will preserve the life of your shingles!
We clean with the Manufacturer procedures.


Graffiti Removal!

Some Graffiti looks awesome!
But when no one asked you, and they did it in your property, it is an inconvenience!
We can safely remove it!
No damage!

Why Choose Us

Why will You Choose Our Services?

Our business is committed to making your life easier by offering a cleaner environment for your family, customers and employees!


We work around your schedule or operation needs, need us to clean at midnight? We will be there!


We use the tools to do the job efficiently fast, and with no damage to your property! We are proud of our property protection procedures. And, if something happens, we are Insured

Safety is Our First Priority

Done Right From Start

Our Services

Serving Professional Washing


Concrete Cleaning

Do you want your driveway to be the best it can be? You should think about using our high-pressure

House Washing

Renew your House! You don't need to paint!
(Unless you want to change the color!)

Roof Cleaning

We clean your roof with a special no-pressure Soft-wash technology at Povash. We use a

Pressure Washing

Do you want your business to be the best it can be? You should think about using our high-pressure

Graffiti Removal

You need it now, we move fast! Damage-Free Graffiti Removal! No need to Paint!!!

Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Clean your Concrete! Dumpster Pads, Walkways, Sidewalks!


Frequently Asked Questions.

  • When do you think you'll be able to come clean?

    Our team will contact you to organize your appointment as soon as your estimate is accepted.

  • Do you schedule appointments in advance? Are you going to be on time?

    We make every effort to keep our appointments on time, however other jobs may take longer than expected, or an earlier appointment may require additional work on-site. We usually give a two-hour window for our arrival time (ETA). If we suspect we'll be late or early, we'll call you ahead of time to let you know.

  • Do you clean whether it's raining or shining?

    It is debatable. Even if it's raining lightly, we can pressure wash (like driveways or brick walls.) Because of the low-pressure and chemicals used in soft-washing at home, it cannot be too wet, windy, or cold. We never work when it's storming or lightning, of course, for safety reasons. We keep a close eye on the weather in those situations. If there is a weather delay, we will always notify you.

Service Areas

Las Colinas
Grand Prairie
Fort Worth